Our Story

Teresa Global LLC was established with a vision of leveraging synergies between the United States and other countries, including Vietnam, in the areas of trading and business coaching. A key goal is to invest some of the company's profits to benefit the poor in Vietnam.

Teresa Global has numerous active contacts in Vietnam that are interested in exporting or importing products related to agriculture products, textiles and PPE. Our current agricultural trade focus is on spices, coffee, soybeans, corn, seafood, and other related organic products.

Teresa Global provides consulting services to Vietnamese start-up companies that desire to bring their products to the United States and/or international markets. As a member of the Global Chamber organization, Teresa Global has access to a comprehensive worldwide network to bring products from Vietnam to the world market.

Teresa Global has expertise related to the use of high technology in agriculture. These technologies improve efficiencies related to food and poultry production. We encourage the use of technology and have demonstrated the added value to the customers that we consult with. In addition to the United States, we have strong agriculture technology contacts in Germany, Israel and Japan.

Teresa Global has relationships with several colleges and universities in the United States that are interested in recruiting Vietnamese students and want to send American graduate students to do internships or study aboard in Vietnam.  We also have connections with universities and colleges in Vietnam that are interested in partnering with American universities and colleges.

Teresa Global has worked with experts in many fields related to international business, education and policy. We work with federal and state government officials to support foreign entrepreneurs interested in doing business in America. We also work with private business consultants to promote and coach company success. Teresa Global has connections to work closely with Vietnamese officials at high levels to pave the way for business success. This includes connections at the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington DC.

During COVID-19, Teresa Global worked with factories in Vietnam to produce N95 and cloth face masks and other PPE for the wholesale marketplace. Our partner factories include Global Fashion (Ho Chi Minh City), Thinh Long Trading Company ( Ha Noi) and others. With this expanding business, we are supplying high-quality masks, gloves and other PPE to hospitals, clinics and commercial industrial customers.