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Teresa Global

Welcome to Teresa Global

Welcome to Teresa Global

Welcome to Teresa GlobalWelcome to Teresa Global


Teresa Global – Our Story


• Teresa Global LLC was established with a vision of leveraging synergies  between the United States and other countries, including Vietnam, in  the areas of leadership, training and trade.  A key goal is to invest  some of the company’s profits to benefit the poor in Vietnam.

• Teresa Global has numerous active contacts in Vietnam that are  interested in exporting or importing products related to agriculture  products and textiles. We are presently working with companies in  Vietnam, Italy, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Our  current trade focus is on coffee, soybeans, corn, lumber, poultry,  seafood, spices and other related products. 

• Teresa  Global is partnering with Japanese and Vietnamese farms including APL  and Tam An Ben Tre. Teresa Global also consults for start-up companies  that desire to bring their products to the US or international markets.  As a member of the Global Chamber organization, Teresa Global has access  to a comprehensive worldwide network.

• Teresa Global has expertise related to the use of high technology in agriculture. These technologies improve efficiencies related to food and poultry production. We encourage the use of technology and have demonstrated the added value to the customers that we consult with.

• Teresa Global has relationships with several colleges and universities  in the United States that are interested in recruiting Vietnamese  students and want to send American graduate students to do internships  or study abroad in Vietnam.  Likewise, Teresa Global has a student  recruiting and placement network in place with offices in both the  Northern and Southern parts of Vietnam.

• Teresa  Global has worked with experts in many fields related to international  business, education and policy. We work with US federal and state  government officials to support foreign entrepreneurs interested in  doing business in America. We also work with private business consultants to promote and coach company success and reach their goals. 

• Teresa Global has detailed knowledge and related contacts concerning  approved infrastructure projects. Teresa Global has worked with  Vietnamese officials at the highest levels to pave the way for  philanthropic infrastructure investments.


Our Mission 

  • To promote your products and help them win in the marketplace.
  • To work with your company as a team to insure success. 


Helping Asian companies establish relationships and prominent corporate presence in the United States.

  • Currently representing Vietnamese companies in the American marketplace.
  • Assisting Vietnamese companies wishing to obtain organic certification and food facility registration.


Facilitating investment projects and connecting buyers with sellers in the United States and Asia. 

Investment opportunity experience: Restaurants​ Hotels, Hospitals, Technologies.


Programs designed to help individuals acquire skills in foreign language, professional growth, and cultural awareness. 

Training topics: Business Leadership, Business Etiquette, American Business Functions.

Focuses provided: Hospitality, Medical Assistant, Airplane Maintenance, Technology Programs.


Our Commitment to Clients:

  • Achieve  results through the planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and  controlling activities that meet established objectives aligned with  overall strategy.
  • Look for risks and opportunities to accelerate or transform.
  • Always understand we provide a service that must add value.


Our Values

Loyalty  •  Honesty  •  Integrity  •  Reliability  •  Transparency  •  Mutual Respect

Continually building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers so that others may succeed.


Our Team

Kim Viet Ngo – President / CEO; Bruce Barringer – Vice President / COO; Phuong Tran Hong – Managing Director in Vietnam; Vu Le – Project Management Specialist in Vietnam; Dr. Hoang Nguyen – Environmental Horticulture Program Specialist.