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Teresa Global

Welcome to Teresa Global

Welcome to Teresa Global

Welcome to Teresa GlobalWelcome to Teresa Global




As a member of the Global Chamber, Teresa Global connects  international professional buyers and sellers in the United States and  other countries. The Teresa Global team works closely with companies in  Vietnam, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, US, Canada, Italy, and Spain to  make direct exporting connections. With an understanding of cultural  differences, we help companies build trust and avoid conflicts.

The Teresa Global team has experience working with US federal and  state government officials to support and encourage foreign  entrepreneurs interested in doing business in America.We can also  provide support to those interested in attending trade shows and other  marketing venues.

The Teresa Global team has worked directly with US and international  professional distributors to find the right markets and the best quality  products at a reasonable price. With our direct marketing team, we can  help your company increase international sales.

Leadership Training / High Technology in Agriculture

Teresa Global has expertise related to the use of high technology in  agriculture. These technologies improve efficiencies related to food and  poultry production. Our team member has an ongoing high-volume,  multi-year project with Tyson Food Inc. We are also working with a  technology driven dairy farm in Israel and are partners with a Japanese  company that uses technology to increase high-quality yield on a farm  that produces specialty plants, vegetables and fruits.

Teresa Global works closely with the Mason Enterprise Center- a  university-based economic development enterprise. We have assisted them  with a variety of programs including seminars, business networking and  business coaching.

Training Topics Include:

  • International Business
  • Business Leadership
  • Business Etiquette
  • Cost leadership 
  • Business strategy 

Teresa Global has relationships with several colleges and  universities in the United States that are interested in recruiting  Vietnamese students and want to send American graduate students to do  internships or study aboard in Vietnam.  Likewise, Teresa Global has a  student recruiting and placement network in place with offices in both  the Northern and Southern parts of Vietnam.

Business Services

Teresa Global offers a “Coaching to Success” program to help companies achieve their business goals in new markets. We coach our clients to:

  • Achieve results through the planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and  controlling of activities that meet established objectives aligned with overall strategy.
  • Look for risks and opportunities to accelerate or transform.
  • Understand how to provide a value added service.

The “Coaching to Success” Program Can:

  • Be  tailored to help starts-up and small companies that want to expand to  foreign markets with a reasonable cost. Based on company requirements,  the Teresa Global team can create a coaching program and work closely  with company staff. 
  • Help your company to find foreign customers and distributors in the global market. 
  • Help deal with confidentially and intellectual property issues. 
  • Help your company find ways to increase sales. 
  • Assist with finding reasonably priced office locations with low administrative costs.  
  • Help your company network with local business, industry contacts and trade associations. 


Coaching Basics

  • Help foreign companies establish relationships and prominent corporate presence in the United States and other countries.
  • Represent Vietnamese companies in the American marketplace.
  • Assist Vietnamese companies wishing to market products in the US and other countries.
  • Use Experience-Sharing Marketing (ESM) strategies to bring solutions and help companies reach their goals. 
  • Business Success Coaching.