The Trade Finance Program


“The Teresa Global Trade Finance Program” provides clients with a platform to fund vendor payments based upon the credit strength and repayment commitment of their end customers. The client is both a Buyer and a Seller on the TeresaGlobal STEPS platform. Clients make early vendor payment to acquire inventory and production, secured by the quality of their Accounts Receivable. The process bridges gaps in the Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable (A/P-A/R) revenue cycle.

Clients transact directly as a ‘Buyer’ with their vendors to execute complete agreements and fund purchases. Clients also transact as Seller to assign their customer invoices for early settlement. Advance rates range from 70 - 90% of invoiced amount, allowing clients to operate, make purchases and fill orders in their supply chain with trade credit terms of 30-120 days. Invoices are paid within 3 days of assignment allowing client to operate and grow.

The program combines purchase order funding and invoice discounting to cover the full length of the supply chain, bridge funding gaps and maximize client flexibility.

For Sellers

“Teresa Global Sellers” transact seamlessly and receive accelerated payment of up to 90% of invoice. The Seller selects the invoices they wish to discount in a streamlined digital process, their End-Buyer customer agrees and accelerated funding happens within 24-48 business hours.

For Buyers

“Teresa Global USA Buyers” are in a cash position and can release full payment to their suppliers at any point they wish in the supply chain. Suppliers can be paid 100% of the contracted price earlier than conventional supply chain finance processes allow. Buyers can secure preferred price terms from suppliers, reduce administrative costs and strengthen relationships with their suppliers, adding efficiency and certainty to the supply chain.

Buyers can choose the exact credit period they require up to 120 days to fund their complete import and domestic supply chains without ever depleting their own working capital or interfering with existing bank lines or other funding facilities. Buyers can make as many purchases from as many sellers/suppliers as they wish.

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