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“Teresa Global has helped our products enter the United States market and our revenues have increased by over 30%.”

Why Work With Us?

At Teresa Global, we have a team of experts whose main objective is to help out businesses that are interested in reaching the United States, as well as other international markets. We have many years of experience and our expertise will help you position your company in a way that no one else can. Reap the benefits of joining our company and expand your reach outside of your local area, as well as your revenues. Remember, we are here to help and… Your success is our success!

Kimviet Ngo - President/CEO

Kimviet Ngo, President / CEO

Ms. Kimviet Ngo, the founder and President of Teresa Global LLC, is in a unique position to partner with organizations interested in expanding their interests into Asia, particularly Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia. Kim has 2 Bachelor’s degrees from George Mason University where she was on the Dean’s List and a member of the Phi Kappa National Honor Society. Kim has also taken courses towards a Master’s degree at Virginia Commonwealth University. Kim is a member of the Global Chamber and is certified for global international trade.

 As a co-founder and Vice-President of Teresa Charities Inc. and past President of the BMEI Group, Kim has over 25 years of experience in working with commercial, government and charitable organizations within Vietnam and surrounding countries. She has developed close working relationships with a wide variety of people, companies and project owners related to trade, business training, infrastructure development and charitable causes. As the owner of a large-scale poultry farm in Virginia, Kim works closely with Tyson Food Inc and became the first American-Vietnamese member of the US National Farmers Union. As an active farmer Kim has ready access to farm and business resources including the US Department of Agriculture and similar state agencies. Such access and knowledge puts Kim in a unique position to provide quality support to companies in Vietnam that wish expand into US markets.

 Of equal importance, she has nurtured relationships with various Vietnamese government entities. Using these contacts, she has learned how to minimize obstacles to getting projects underway and progressing. She has important connections in the Vietnam Government. She also has connections here in the DC area with the Vietnamese Embassy where she is well known by the Ambassador and his staff.

 And perhaps of utmost importance, through her ongoing personal philanthropic commitment and love for the people in that part of the world, Kim has earned the trust of the people that she has been involved with. This is an invaluable commodity that has taken many years to cultivate.

Bruce Barringer - Vice President/COO

Bruce Barringer, Vice President / COO

Bruce Barringer has over 30 years of experience in the Space industry, most of it NASA related. He is presently a Principal level Systems Engineer with detailed experience with both the Space and Ground segments. Mr. Barringer’s last 3 major projects include involvement with the Suomi NPP mission, the DSCOVR satellite and the James Webb Space Telescope. He serves as a senior level spacecraft Systems Engineer with a focus on electrical systems and issues. He was also on the launch support team. Mr. Barringer is currently a senior member of the Flight Operations Team (FOT) at the Space Telescope Science Institute. The FOT will be responsible for operating the JWST mission during and after launch for the duration of the mission. Because of his dedicated and quality work, Mr. Barringer has been awarded several NASA accommodations, both group and individual. 

Mr. Barringer has an Engineering Bachelor’s degree and 2 Master’s Degrees all from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also completed his course work toward a PhD. Using his engineering background, he has been involved with international business for many years as a consultant working with private and government clients. As a Vice President of Teresa Global LLC, he has key business development responsibilities and helps with international market research and analysis. Recent areas of focus include projects related to applying high technology to agriculture, solar farm technologies, technology driven affordable clean water systems, and global Information Technology services. 

In his free time Mr. Barringer serves as an adviser to Teresa Charities, Inc, helping in fundraising activities that support the poor in Vietnam.

Ron and Connievon Perlstein

Ron and Connie von Perlstein, Consultants (Café International Foods LLC)

Ron has held many leadership positions in all sectors of the food industry, including leadership management positions, brand development and management, strategic planning, creative marketing, innovative sales, customer service, logistics, experience in both broad line and retail distribution channels, as well as food manufacturing, warehouse management, purchasing, budget analysis and business social philanthropy.

Connie has held many leadership positions in the banking industry. Connie followed up a successful 10 year management career in the banking industry, with a successful career as an Advertising Account Executive. She has a natural ability to help her clients find creative solutions to bring awareness to their brand. She is dedicated to developing business relationships with manufacturers, brokers, distributers and import and export companies.  

David Hawkins - Director of Business Development

David Hawkins, Director of Business Development

David Hawkins is proactive self-starter with over 20+ years of experience as a sale, financial and business development advisor for small businesses, banking and financial institutions. Excels in providing strategic and tactical planning, while exceeding top performance goals in operational and servicing objectives.

He has leadership proficiency in business performance, financial analysis and metrics, negotiation, and conflict management. David establishes and maintains exceptional relationships with clients and strategic alliances with business partners.

 David has a passion for strengthening communities and developing their citizens. He attended Howard University where he had studied political science and economics. He serves as a board member of the Greater Washington Boys and Girls Club, Lydia’s House and the Greater Washington Community Foundation’s grants committee for Montgomery County, MD.

Phuong Tran Hong - Managing Director in Viet Nam

Phuong Tran Hong, Managing Director in Vietnam

Ms. Phuong is self-motivated and reliable with excellent customer service skills. She has experience implementing the intricate operational details involved in the running of a small business. With the knowledge gained while working on her Master’s degree in the US, she is a founder of a successful online company that sells cosmetics and related products.

 Ms. Phuong manages the Teresa Global education project including budgeting, marketing and recruiting. In this capacity she serves as a liaison between universities, institutes, entrepreneurs and Teresa Global LLC. She also organizes business trips to the US for Vietnamese companies and business delegations.

 Ms. Phuong was President of the Vietnamese Student Association in the Washington DC area from 2015 – 2016. She organized the program “I love Vietnam” at the 2015 Vietnamese Heritage Festival which attracted hundreds of students from over 30 states in America. She also led the “Support Team” for the Vietnamese Embassy that helped with several events including “The 20th year Anniversary Vietnam – US Relations” and the “Annual Gathering in the US for Vietnamese Students”.

 In her free time Ms. Phuong enjoys participating in charity activities. She lead a fund-raiser program to support poor students and the elderly in Vietnam, served as a liaison for officer trips to Vietnam and the US and served as an analyst for projects and program activities in the US and Vietnam.

Kimviet Ngo

Dr. Hoang Nguyen, Environmental Horticulture Program Specialist

Dr. Hoang Nguyen is a plant physiologist at the University of Sciences in Vietnam. Hoang’s research program focuses on training future ag-scientists and accelerating the growth of agricultural industry in Vietnam.

He received his Ph.D in Horticulture Sciences from the University of Florida and completed his post-doctoral research at the Plant Pathology Department of the Foundations Plant Services at the University of California-Davis. Dr. Hoang Nguyen is curently the president of the Vietnamese Agricultural Expert Network (VietAgGlobal), a California non-profit with the mission to serve the agricutural producers in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Hoang was attracted by the plant kingdom at an early age and decided to make plant physiology his career. At the University of Florida his research on in vitro physiology of the recalcitrant Ghost orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) unlocked its eco-physiological features and allowed the near-extinct species to be rescued.

For his post-doctoral work, Hoang received a research grant to work on virus eradication from fruit trees that are important in California. This work was performed at one of the largest fruit tree collections in the world in collaboration with the National Clonal Germplasm Repository of the USDA. This research provided Hoang a good understanding on the relationship between government agents, universities, extension agents and ag-industries. Earlier this year Hoang’s research presentation was awarded 1st place at the Society of In vitro Biology Meeting.

At Teresa Global Dr. Hoang serves as a scientific advisor. In this important role, Hoang will provide scientific information and consulting services as part of Teresa Global’s focus on high technology for agriculture. He will also support the import/export business focus providing research and validation services.

Vu Le - Project Management Specialist in Vietnam

Vu Le, Project Management Specialist in Vietnam

Vu graduated with honor from the University of Economic in Ho Chi Minh City with a major in Finance and Banking. While working on his degree, Vu won a First Prize in the “CFO Run”, a contest sponsored by Prudential in Vietnam. Vu was also won a contest sponsored by Neslé Vietnam. Vu is a Co-founder of “Financial Weekly” of SCUE, a member of the SCUE Group, the first virtual stock exchange for university students in Ho Chi Minh City. With his finance and banking background, he started his career with the chain of franchise called “Nau Den Coffee” which has 22 stores in Ho Chi Minh City. Vu also created GTSolution – a website company that supports entrepreneurs and companies related to Vietnamese agricultural products. He held Project Management positions at several companies before joining Teresa Global as a Project Manager. He improves his career knowledge by reading books and doing online research. 

He spends his free time doing gardening and participating in charitable including support of orphanages, homeless people, veterans and the elderly.